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If you think I am suitable to join your team or if you’d just like to say hello, feel free to get in touch.

A passionate web designer looking for an internship

I'm a web design student who loves turning the simplest things into great experiences!

Having a penchant for clean code and elegant design, I am continually trying to find new angles for innovation and creativity.

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Selected works



Babymovie it's a website allowing futur mother to immortalize her baby evolution by taking an appointment with Aurélie Grolet. Babymovie is the first and the one and only echo-souvenir service in Belgium.

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JELux is the first Junior Entreprise of Luxemburg. That's why, this website should be the perfect mirror of their services.

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IReserve is a mobile app allowing students from HEAJ to book material or a studio. The main objective of this app is to reduce the waiting time for disponibility of a material or studio and thus facilitate the students work.

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Lutecia Mateus, a writter

Lutecia Mateus is a writer whose life is anything but ordinary. This webdocumentary offers you a bundle of short videos which will tell you her life as an artist. A website that will make you fly over an atmosphere with an ancient and elegant style accompanied with a selection of classical music.

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